Punch safe production, the key to the correct operation Standard punch press operating procedures and methods to ensure personal safety, equipment safety and product quality and stability. Punch is a great risk of machine tools, we must firmly establish the idea of ​​safety first, we must strictly operational procedures to prevent accidents. Punching the right punching all the safety steps: In this case, 1, check whether the normal power supply connected, circuit, electronic components for damage or insecurity, the power indicator is lit, turn on the power to confirm correct. In this case, 2, check whether the smooth flow of oil equipment, tubing, joints at the oil spill, check tubing and fuel tank is sufficient, and on time refueling. In this case, 3, check the infrared emergency stop sensor is normal, and hand to do back and forth between the sensors or up and down action, pay attention to view the sensor and the left sensing device display the results, if any abnormal report and request processing 3D CNC Drilling Machine.

In this case, 4, check whether there is no work related to stamping the workpiece metal saw, debris. Check the upper and lower mold clearance, whether the loose screw, mold loose mold must be re-combination. In this case, 5, check the equipment guide column / track, mode-locked Aberdeen, mechanical interface components, both hands start / foot switch and other parts are normal and start hands or foot switch, the equipment running empty to determine whether normal. In this case, 6, to confirm that everything is normal, the product in accordance with the direction of the mold into the cavity, the stamping operation, by the shift management or quality control personnel to confirm the production of the first pieces to confirm the mass production began. 7, items must be placed in strict accordance with the requirements, not free to display. Get off work, such as the upper and lower molds have more bits or unfinished work should be linked to prohibit the use of warning signs. Turn off the main power supply, turn off the power supply box H-beam Steel Processing Machine. Advisory IPM punch, Dongguan IPM punch how much money please contact IPM punch manufacturer  Mobile: +86 15165021418 In this case, Original article, reproduced, please indicate the source: www.ipmmc.com