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Punch manufacturers to promote coastal industrial upgrading angle machine

Punch manufacturers to promote coastal industrial upgrading angle machine, promote development From China’s industrial layout, the manufacturing industry in the small punch industry to the western region, not only conducive to promoting the upgrading of coastal industries, and promote the western manufacturing industry. In addition, our country will continue to tilt toward the western region, especially in the future long-term construction treasury bonds, budgetary investment and special construction funds of the western region punch machine for flat bars, with the unwavering strategy for the development of the western region and the weakening support for the western region. These are the western regions of the future to accelerate the development of an important opportunity.

Throughout the industry, the future Western Punch industry will show a better development prospects. Shenzhen IPM punch manufacturers that ‘second five’ during the Western Punch industry in the country increased by 3% to 5% axis drilling machine, the industry will likely increase the output of 200 billion ~ 300 billion yuan. In this case, Shenzhen IPM punch manufacturers analysis pointed out that the future western per capita GDP will exceed 1,000 US dollars, the industrialization rate of close to 40%. With the advancement of the industrialization process in the western region, the western industry was further extended from the primary products to the finished products, such as the deep processing of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. So the punch products, especially tools, molds and other needs will increase.

Development of punching technology

Development of punching technology (1) electronic technology from design to business, e-commerce has brought buyers auction, increasing the difficulty of competition in the industry. In this case, (2) determined to participate in market competition, enterprises must develop specialized production. In this case, (3) stamping parts plant will host the host of the design CNC drilling machine, functional supply. In this case, (4) stamping parts and the contradiction between the increasingly sharp cost.

Global platform production will enter the stamping industry punch machine for Dished Head. In this case, (5) suppliers – punch factory, punch factory – the cooperation between users is increasingly important in the industry, the same as forging and forging is a weak industry, and only unity can adapt to change laser cutter. In this case, (6) investment in the stamping industry will be more and more, and updates will be faster and faster. In this case, (7) the key to stamping In the mold, stamping die development is essential.

Punch need to do before the use of the work

Punch need to do before the use of the work (1) to check the lubrication of all parts, and make the lubrication of electricity to be fully lubricated; (2) Check whether the mold is installed correctly and reliably; (3) Check whether the compressed air pressure in the specified range; (4) check the switch button is sensitive and reliable custom processing machine, be sure to make the flywheel and clutch disengage, to open the motor;

(5) to make the press several empty stroke, check the brake, clutch and control of the work of the situation; (6) Check whether the main motor abnormal heating metal fabrication, abnormal vibration, abnormal sound; (7) using manual pump on the slider to add lithium ester oil; (8) Check and adjust the gap of the roller of the feeder to the technological requirement; (9) check and maintain the oil mist to meet the requirements; (10) When the motor is running induction welding, check whether the direction of rotation of the flywheel is the same as the turning mark.

Punch drive a great impact on system security Impact of Punch

Punch drive a great impact on system security Impact of Punch Drives on Safety The strength and rigidity of the drive components are necessary to maintain proper drive. Punch long-term work under the conditions of the impact load, the status of transmission parts of the normal work of punch have a greater impact. To ensure that the punch transmission components are well lubricated, fastening and supporting reliable, often key parts inspection, maintenance and repair, in order to avoid accidents. The main task of the drive system is to reduce the speed of the motor through the deceleration device to achieve the required number of strokes, while the kinetic energy of the motor to the slider. Punch motor power larger, short-term overload capacity is stronger.

Flywheel is a punch on the energy storage components, with a large moment of inertia. Stamping parts, the flywheel speed reduction, the release of energy, state power to overcome the deformation resistance of the motor. After punching is completed, the flywheel again absorbs energy from the motor to restore the speed steel beam fabrication. The use of flywheel energy storage busbar bending machine, release role, give full play to the motor power to meet the instantaneous peak load function needs, Oh, so that the selection of motor power greatly reduced. Belt and pulleys, gears, shafts, keys, bearings and other parts of the role is to transmit torque, change the speed ratio, lower speed. Crankshaft, connecting rod, slider angle shearing machine, the role of the rail is the rotation into a linear reciprocating motion.

Punch operation need to pay attention to what

Punch more health tube drilling machine, clean. The use of advanced optical protection technology, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs. The use of high-pressure gas compressor cnc hydraulic busbar bending machine, compressed gas through the pipeline to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the work of the cylinder and return, so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank, ready to access, so the motor is not idle energy waste.


Using the cylinder as the working parts, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, high security, easy maintenance, lower maintenance costs, high production efficiency. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, the operation simple and convenient. 1, the general use of belt-driven punch press busbar shearing machine, belt easy to wear, runner rotation on the outside have a certain impact on the operator. 2, the general punch is under direct pressure, so the intensity of action is quite large, but at the same time the hardness of the mold will be higher, the impact of large, the damage to the mold may be greater. 4, ordinary punch is the use of straight-type, the pressure can not control. While the Tianjin hydraulic press on the power under pressure can be adjusted at will. 5, the general punch is generally direct stamping so the noise will be relatively large, Suzhou hydraulic press is used to control the speed of the stamping of the decibel is much smaller.

Punch manufacturer to teach you how to buy punch

Punch industry experienced several decades of development, the emergence of a number of well-known brands, many punch brands and even successfully penetrated the foreign market in foreign countries formed a small influence, the manufacturing industry, the continuous upgrading of technology to bring New products on the market after another, so the punch market will not appear market saturation. But the whole industry problems must not be ignored, in the past few years the development of the emergence of a growing number of punch manufacturers, some small-scale punch manufacturers blindly chasing and imitation of others punch production, leading to market punch A lot of quality, no guarantee of quality, to the customer to purchase punch brought great distress, as a professional punch maker Yi Forging Machinery that, in order to fundamentally protect the interests of customers, promote the healthy development of the industry, the future punch industry needs to be implemented Uniform industry standards, of course, in the development of standards in the need to fully understand the state of technology development press industry and the actual needs of customers to make scientific and reasonable standards, but by no means a temporary Pressure industry, precision presses standard accessories brand selection on the quality and price of the whole have an impact, many customers in the purchase of presses and ancillary equipment will not understand the equipment and only focus on machine appearance, parameters and prices, while ignoring the punch Performance, accessories, workmanship and quality verification, the accessories do not understand. Not knowing the same tonnage, the same appearance of the punch, the choice of the types of press accessories are also different, the use of well-known brands of domestic and foreign brands accessories and accessories in addition to bringing the price difference, the long-term performance in the punch, will bring hidden dangers Clearly, it is clear that only the appearance and price to determine the quality of the practice of punch is one-sided induction welding, unscientific, tend to make customers purchase low-quality punch equipment.


The same appearance of the punch, the assembly of the production, the quality of the optional accessories sub-incomplete, some accessories seem insignificant, but it’s normal operation of the punch and overall performance, efficiency and service life have a great impact. Especially in the increasingly high precision stamping equipment today, a punch accessories installed in place, will affect the accuracy of the machine, resulting in damage to customer interests. At the same time, then the small parts if the quality of substandard, but also will affect the normal use of customers will inevitably increase customer service time and maintenance of presses, increase production and maintenance costs. Therefore, customers in the purchase of stamping equipment, not blindly selected in the signing of the contract must be detailed before the development of punch manufacturers, production levels, as well as standard parts or optional core components of the brand, process conditions, but also through the trial mode , The actual operation of the sample to check the machine performance metal sheet punching machine, in order to comprehensive evaluation.

As a manufacturer of precision pneumatic punch presses, Shore Machinery always puts customer’s interests first, insists on customer-centric, integrates ISO quality management system into every link of pneumatic punching manufacture, from machine to accessories processing industry The highest standards to ensure that customers provide the best quality and most reliable punch and ancillary equipment, each of our equipment in the factory will be issued before and after the standard configuration and matching configuration and accessories list of brands to enable customers to supervise the inspection bevelling machine, the quality of products to win, Service to the concept of true sincerity, Seoul Seoul mechanical precision punch with the details of the achievements of the perfect, to create the first brand precision punching.

Single-punch production of a great security risk reasons

Precision punch support for the hollow structure, bearing seat can play a role in shock absorption, to avoid the punch impact caused by the crankshaft down the impact of electronic cam, shaft and bearing between the two bearings, bearings can bear radial Load, extend the life of the shaft. When running, the precision punch main motor drives the crankshaft through the gear, the gear drives the shaft through the elastic pin, the shaft transfers the speed to the electronic cam through the elastic coupling. Because the high-speed punch electronic cam is equipped with the elastic coupling, the elastic coupling The device only transmits the torque on the shaft, so in any case, will not affect the electronic cam, thereby enhancing the accuracy of precision electronic control cam punch. Single punch production there is a big security risk: punch with a single punch for stamping production, are using manual manual sheet into the stamping die, the operator is not only easy to be scratched the edge of the material and the spirit to be particularly concentrated, A lot of time inattentive, foot has been under the foot switch sheet metal hole punch, hand but did not leave the punch in time, was precision punching hand damage caused by personal injury, so a single punch production safety hazards. Precision punching low productivity, poor precision: punch with a single punch in the stamping production, an operator can only operate a punch, many times also need to help a lot of people, the work of great intensity, the actual efficiency is very low, Every day the work of stamping the finished product was dozens of hundreds of pieces busbar machine, and the finished product is due to the use of artificial feeding to the punch, feeding accuracy can not be guaranteed, resulting in uneven product quality. Precision punch production waste, high production costs: punch single punch production must use the purchased sheet, compared to automated stamping production used by the volume of material purchase cost is much larger, and each piece of material stamping have leftover materials and tailings Of the production, resulting in a great waste of materials, making the product manufacturing costs increased a lot cnc drilling machine.

Punch high-end equipment field and the world advanced level there is still a huge gap

Precision Punch Industry For 10 consecutive years of rapid growth compared to the economy, precision punching industry, the main economic indicators of growth showed a full fall angle steel machine, especially in the punch profit growth accelerated down, highlighting the punch to speed up the urgency of structural upgrading, Prices are imminent. China’s precision punching industry achieved a surplus of US $ 12.4 billion in foreign trade, mainly due to the processing trade at the low end of the industrial chain, compared with US $ 22.2 billion in ‘general trade’, which better reflected the competitiveness level of the actual punch industry Of the huge deficit. Reflecting the international press industry in China is a comparative advantage of the industry, the future of China’s exports can be an important support. Reflected in China’s competitiveness is mainly reflected in the low-end punch products cost-effective advantage in the field of high-end equipment and the world advanced level there is still a huge gap. Speed ​​up the adjustment of industrial structure of the punch press, and fundamentally alleviate the only way for the current press industry to face the problems of declining profit margins, weak market demand and price fluctuations of the press. Full punch industry must be from the speed, size for the first goal orientation, into a quality, efficiency first goal orientation, even at the expense of some speed, but also continue to push the industry structure adjustment and upgrade iron Marking Machines. Precision Punch V-belt is located in the punch main motor to flywheel, between the motor energy will play an important role in the transmission to the flywheel. V-belt though modest, but its role is irreplaceable. Because of its large load, coupled with uninterrupted friction, its loss is inevitable, when it loss to a certain extent, we must be replaced in the replacement process Metal Marking Machines, we must follow the following steps to strictly enforce: First, turn off the main punch power, the punch motor to move to the side of the flywheel, the punch V-belt relaxation, then remove it to be replaced, the replacement should be noted that all the belt must be completely new. If a number of old belts can still be used normally, also need to remove the replacement, as spare parts to be kept. Because, when mixed old and new belt, both the elongation varies significantly reduce durability. In addition, the actual dimensions may vary slightly even if the belts are of the same nominal length. So must be very careful matching length of the product. In the actual process of technical personnel to replace the V-belt must be carefully checked whether there is abnormal wear and tear, check the punch repair and maintenance table, such as normal maintenance, excessive wear still occurs, you must be on the punch drive to be repaired.

What is the cause of the punch bar fracture

In the long-term operation of the punch manufacturers, will reveal the location of the broken rod, which will give the day to deal with the 40 tons of punch manufacturers to bring infection, this time we need to find the reasons for the broken rod notice timely construction process, saving processing impact, So what is the reason why the punch bar breaks?

40-ton press manufacturer Punch rod break for different reasons:

1, overload fracture

Overload rupture is the reason for persistence of the force beyond the limit, in general, due to the switching of the four-bar deformation obtained clamping force, even if the resolution of the length of four bars, the deformation is not the same as in a very short time, The rods are shorter and may bear more than 1/4 of their own clamping force, resulting in cards.

2, the temperature strain induced tensile

High temperature strain may be too low are likely to lead to broken rod, if not a black and white four rods, for example: a long three short, long rod, and then due to rapid temperature caused by high or pessimistic thermal stress, In a static binding, an unexpected situation can cause the sucker rod to break.

3, composite materials caused by fracture strain

If the mold is not satisfied, the length of the sensing error, the bearing seat height and rod length and other places too much, when the connecting rod upright, uneven in both sides of the force. Then, a template, pendulum bending stress and tensile stress, in the ignorant intention of the rod, the pull rod is easy to pull off. Otherwise it may lead to product flash, the operator generally lack of experience will further increase the clamping force, leading to rod overload and mold overload distortion.

4, the damage caused by transient response stress

Therefore, when the mold is opened, the mechanical shock caused by the instantaneous stirring, the rod is very parts failure; because all the clamping parts (including the mold) for a long time stress state continuity, will lead to parts Premature fatigue failure.

The above is a 40-ton punch press manufacturers introduced the reasons for the introduction of rod breakage.

On the punch press accessories to consider several aspects of the problem

In the process of manufacturing punch technology belongs to the traditional mechanical processing, must save the data and power, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high, through a variety of molds used to manufacture mechanical processing products can not be achieved by these advantages, The more extensive use of the future will be the professional punch accessories to the intelligent direction.

Punch accessories professional analysts pointed out: the basic characteristics of punching parts manufacturers have two main punch, one is rigid, it contains the bending rigidity of the longitudinal bow – slide and the table and the elastic elongation of the framework; And lateral stiffness-offset load affect the horizontal displacement of the slider; second slider movement characteristics, including straightness, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the goods. The accuracy of the product is not only related to the punch accessories, it relates to the material, mold, smooth, can not only consider.

From the press accessories will not think about the thickness of the direction and accuracy of the vertical stiffness of the product, deviation, tortuosity, or parallelism is related to the characteristics of lateral stiffness and motion curve. Therefore, the progress of these features, the progress of your product accuracy, die life extension, yield stability can progress. Mechanical press accessories include: Stamping presses Crankshaft press parts, the most widely used in the slowest speed switch near the bottom dead center according to accessories, as well as the slider speed, I began to put the dead point high above the azimuth and high torque link Type punch accessories.

Originally as a general machine C-shaped stamping parts are also search function, high precision, thus opening the declared shape of the gantry punch accessories; through the AIDA connecting rod driven organization from the rod press accessories.

According to the published press accessories transferred from 2011 in China in 2016 to close the automatic control of the market price of punch accessories and research report: to complete the non-cutting forming, punching parts demand function is also increasing. The development trend of punching machine is toward high precision, high rigidity, proper slider movement, more intelligent, direction and environmental protection.