Hydraulic system failure 80% of the above is caused by oil pollution, control oil pollution can extend the hydraulic components and hydraulic oil life, to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the system.
The hydraulic system of oil pollution control there are two main band saw measures: First, to prevent pollutants into the system, the second is the hydraulic system of oil filter purification.
One prevents contaminants from entering the system
Quite prevent disease from mouth. Design good sealed fuel tank, use good filter performance air filter, the installation of the system to pay attention to the removal of components cnc milling machine and pipeline impurities, the use of a good dust seal, the new oil into the system through rigorous filtering, which is to prevent contaminants into the system Measures.

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Two hydraulic system oil filtration purification
Suction filter, line filter and return oil filter to complete the oil filter purification, use filters to note the following:
1 suction port filter should be used to filter low precision, large flow capacity of the filter, poor flow capacity of the suction filter is easy to cause holes, suction filter for blocking large particles of CNC machine pollutants into the hydraulic pump., To prevent suspended in the oil Of the bubbles into the system. Plunger pump generally do not use the suction filter, the reasons omitted.
2 pipeline filter is generally installed in the more important upstream components, the filtration accuracy is higher than the friction with the gap with the components, the servo system pipe filter do not use bypass check valve, filter pressure to be high.
3 back to the oil filter pressure is low, in the piston rod thicker system, flow through the filter flow is greater than the pump flow, the choice of filter flow should be noted that the filter flow is greater than the pump flow and cylinder piston area ratio product.
4 filter flow selection: appropriate increase in filter flow will extend the filter life.
5 Selection of filter accuracy: In selecting the main filter of the system, such as the accuracy of the line filter, the filter should be able to clear the moving parts of the dynamic drilling machine film thickness of the oil particles, because this size of the particles once into the Gap, will cause the surface wear and tear, and the gap increases, so that the larger size of the particles into the gap, causing further wear, causing serious wear and tear of the “chain reaction”, “chain reaction” a bit like MLM , Can quickly lead to component failure.
Above description hydraulic system pollution control is mainly for solid particles, hydraulic system pollution sources also include water and air, the same can not be ignored. . . . . . In short, the hydraulic system design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance of the entire process should pay attention to the control of hydraulic system pollution.
1 visual limit of the human eye is 40μm, and the resulting hydraulic components wear is generally less than 40μm particles, the naked eye can not see
2 Definition of filtration ratio: ß x = Number of particles larger than size x μm upstream / Number of particles larger than size x μm downstream
X: the size of particles, in μm
In the hydraulic servo system generally need to use filters than β3 ≥ 200 filters