In our country is the use of induction synchronizer and grating sensor, initially as an angle encoder, and then developed into a linear displacement sensor. The initial use of the field is on the military, and then measuring instruments, not to have a digital display only a few punch, and then have the job response of the CNC system. In 2003, Japan Mitutoyo (Mitutoyo) the company will be used for the screen grating digital display. Digital punch is 70 years of the 20th century to the transformation of micro-electronic technology to restore the traditional home of the revival of things bevel machine. After adopting the digital display device, the punching machine has advanced the machining precision and ergonomics, and reduced the reject rate. Punch digital display is widely used in the mid-1970s, the development of microelectronics to the field of integrated circuits appear to create a number of enterprises have raster digital appear.

The development of digital punching technology established as a punch response to the sensor, but also to promote the development of CNC technology and CNC punch. As the sensors and digital form the production of the old decline in the number of devices to achieve universal access to the original punch digital display device production is an emerging industry angle iron machine. China’s digital display technology to transform the traditional home punch is in the mid-1980s tapping machine, the government under the promotion of the provinces, municipalities and built a number of significant skills to the core, with a lot of money to subsidize enterprises to install the punch digital display device , The original domestic sensor is more mature product induction synchronizer, so the majority of the digital core is advertised in the majority of induction synchronous digital display device.